How to pick the perfect name for your Business

Picking a name for your business

The right name for any business can highly reward the branding and marketing efforts, while a bad name could make your business end up in turmoil. Coming up with a good business name is complicated as you have to consider numerous factors such as uniqueness, legal issues, domain availability, consumer psychology, etc. When you try to bypass this process by hiring a professional naming company,[…]

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Can you start an own business when you are still in a 9 to 5 job?

Starting a business while working

The main advantage of starting your own business while you are still on a job is, you don’t have to worry about your monthly expenses – You will be on the safer side. If you are the one with a clear business clue to foresee things that can potentially add value to other lives and can manage time and resource efficiency with consistency, you can[…]

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How To Start A Video Game Company in the UK

How to start a video game company in the UK

A video game company is like any other business that can be lucrative if properly handled. Generally, a video game business designs and develops games for various platforms like dedicated consoles, PCs, mobiles, tablets, etc. You don’t have to be a programmer or a designer to start one as long as you have a clear vision and ability to organize and drive things. Video game[…]

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Changing the registered office address of limited companies

From expansion to better connectivity, there could be a number of reasons as to why you’d want to change your registered office address. As a matter of fact, enquiries pertaining address changes are a lot more frequent than we’d like to admit. Now,for the sake of clarity, let’s look into the process of changing the registered address and how we go about it. Changing the[…]

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How a non-UK resident can form a private limited company in the UK?

The process of registering and operating a business in the UK is governed by the government agency named the Companies House. The formation process (for both UK & non-UK resident) will require you to send your application to the Companies House for approval either by post or through a web portal or through an authorized agent. The registration process does not differentiate between a UK[…]

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What are the different types of addresses your UK limited company needs for registration

To register a limited company in the UK, the Companies House requires you to provide a set of addresses during the registration process. These addresses are made available to the public and can be accessed by anyone looking for company information. Let’s look into the different addresses to register your business in the UK. What is Registered office Address? Registered office address is the primary[…]

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Sole Trader Vs Limited Company – A Comparison

Any business registered with the Companies House must have a legal structure. While the majority chooses to identify themselves as ‘sole traders’, ‘limited company’ is just as popular. Let’s look into the similarities, differences and which best suits your business model by looking into Sole Trade Vs Limited Company – Comparison. What’s a Sole Trader? In its simplest, a sole trader is a business structure[…]

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How to Appoint a New Director – UK Limited Company

To register and to carry business operations legally in the UK, Companies House requires you to nominate one director, at the least, to oversee your company. A new director can be appointed as both, a replacement to your company’s existing director or as an additional administrator, as there are no restrictions to the number of directors a company can have. Let’s see how to appoint[…]

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5 mistakes to avoid when registering your new UK company online

Forming a new UK company which used to be such a daunting task earlier is much easier today, thanks to company formation online registration portal. Reliable formation companies offer these easy to use and secure online company registration systems. It is much more user friendly than the Companies House system itself. Though it’s hard to go wrong, here are 5 avoidable mistakes you can always[…]

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How To Choose The Best Company Formations Agent In The UK? 

If you are registering a company in the UK and are on the lookout for company formation agents, you are in the right place. Here are four factors for you to consider while choosing an agent. Before we go any further, it is essential that the agents you’ve shortlisted are recognised by the Companies House, the executive agency that governs business registrations, and are registered[…]

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