How to setup a Family Investment Company in the UK

Starting a Family investment Company

Family Investment Company (FIC) is a UK-resident private limited company, where the shareholders are family members. So, starting a family investment company means you are following the right strategy succession through inheritance where the wealth planning is quite efficient. Previously, a Trust is considered as the reliable channel to pass the wealth to the future generations. But owing to the recent tax law revisions, maintaining[…]

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5 step guide to increase your startups online exposure and revenue

According to the research data from “Internet World Stats”, around 55% of the world’s total population is using the internet every day. That is about 4 billion people. Every day. People use the internet to find information, buy products, sell stuff, use services, and so on. Internet is the biggest marketplace that ever existed in this world. Remember, just two decades back, this humongous marketplace[…]

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FAQ’s about appointing a new company director

When a private limited company is incorporated, the first directors are usually designated by investors. However, new directors could be designated at any time after the company is formed. The reason to appoint new directors could be any. For instance, it could be a replacement for the current position or adding more directors to the team. There’s no tab on restricting the number of directors[…]

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Comparison: Registering Your Company Using Companies House Vs Company Formation Agency

Companies House Vs Company Formation Agency – Which one is better? There is a popular misconception that it’s better to register directly via Companies House website rather than using a company formation agency. After all, at some point, everything must go through the Companies House. Some also believe that it cheaper to go direct through Companies House. However, none of these is true. In general,[…]

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9 reasons why Companies House reject applications

Are you planning to register your new company and want to ensure you submit it the right way? In this blog let’s see the some of the reasons why Companies House rejects applications, and how to avoid rejections. 9 reasons why Companies House reject applications: Similar Names Sensitive & Offensive Names Errors/Missing – Authentication Questions Registered Office Address Non-Residential Address Nationality Input Missing PSC Repeated[…]

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8 Points to Remember while Registering your New UK Limited Company

Are you planning to set up your UK Limited Company Online? Registering your UK limited Company has never been easier; the process is entirely online and takes less than 10 Minutes to complete. But there are some important points to remember while registering your Company. 8 most important points to remember while registering your UK Limited Company: Your Company name must end with ‘Limited’ or[…]

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