Will Brexit impact UK limited companies

Will Brexit impact a limited company in the UK? The world today is increasingly globalized and successful companies are those that function worldwide. Britain has always offered great options to business owners and paves way for trouble-free global expansion. As Brexit is nearing, no one knows for sure what will happen during or after the negotiations. Though there is no clear way forward, we wanted[…]

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How To Start A Video Game Company in the UK

How to start a video game company in the UK

A video game company is like any other business that can be lucrative if properly handled. Generally, a video game business designs and develops games for various platforms like dedicated consoles, PCs, mobiles, tablets, etc. You don’t have to be a programmer or a designer to start one as long as you have a clear vision and ability to organize and drive things. Video game[…]

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How to setup a Family Investment Company in the UK

Starting a Family investment Company

Family Investment Company (FIC) is a UK-resident private limited company, where the shareholders are family members. So, starting a family investment company means you are following the right strategy succession through inheritance where the wealth planning is quite efficient. Previously, a Trust is considered as the reliable channel to pass the wealth to the future generations. But owing to the recent tax law revisions, maintaining[…]

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All You Need To Know About Annual Confirmation Statement

What is Annual Confirmation Statement? The annual confirmation statement is a filing requirement that was first introduced as a legal requirement back in 2016. It replaced the previous legal requirement to file what was called an Annual Return. A Confirmation Statement is also known as form CS01 whereas the annual return was form AR01. The format is similar although can be argued the new form[…]

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Comparison: Registering Your Company Using Companies House Vs Company Formation Agency

Companies House Vs Company Formation Agency – Which one is better? There is a popular misconception that it’s better to register directly via Companies House website rather than using a company formation agency. After all, at some point, everything must go through the Companies House. Some also believe that it cheaper to go direct through Companies House. However, none of these is true. In general,[…]

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9 reasons why Companies House reject applications

Are you planning to register your new company and want to ensure you submit it the right way? In this blog let’s see the some of the reasons why Companies House rejects applications, and how to avoid rejections. 9 reasons why Companies House reject applications: Similar Names Sensitive & Offensive Names Errors/Missing – Authentication Questions Registered Office Address Non-Residential Address Nationality Input Missing PSC Repeated[…]

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How to register a limited company as a dormant Company? Are there any advantages to it..?

Limited Companies are registered for a variety of reasons. Sometimes there is an immediate need to trade. Sometimes the objective is to try and protect the name by registering it before someone else does. Sometimes a company will be needed in the future but may not trade for over a year. A limited company may be a dormant company. You can now register a dormant[…]

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Sole Trader Vs Limited Company – A Comparison

Any business registered with the Companies House must have a legal structure. While the majority chooses to identify themselves as ‘sole traders’, ‘limited company’ is just as popular. Let’s look into the similarities, differences and which best suits your business model by looking into Sole Trade Vs Limited Company – Comparison. What’s a Sole Trader? In its simplest, a sole trader is a business structure[…]

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